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Domain Whois Lookup

TLD - Top Level Domain Statistics

The chart and list indicate which are those most popular top level domains on the internet, and the relative percentage is estimated to be their corresponding market share, the top ten root domain extensions have about 80% of the whole market.

As our records show that there are a few hundreds (673) root domains, most of them are very small, .com tops the list and has the largest share of about 39% of it, .tk, .ru, .net, .org are among the top five most registered root domains.

.com, .net, and .org are well known, no surprise that they are in the top. The black horse here is .tk, many people might not know the .tk domain extension, it is the second largest registered TLD, and it is the internet country code top-level domain (iccTLD) for Tokelau, a small island of New Zealand in the South Pacific. Dot TK is the only top level domain name registry that provides free domain names, this might be the main reason that .tk made to the top.

Registrar Number of Domains
1 com 481,750
2 tk 61,400
3 ru 60,016
4 org 52,158
5 net 51,232
6 de 29,112
7 uk 20,687
8 info 14,537
9 pl 11,921
10 br 11,059
11 fr 10,458
12 cn 9,501
13 jp 9,464
14 it 9,324
15 nl 9,007
16 ml 8,843
17 au 8,748
18 in 8,230
19 cf 8,197
20 ga 7,888
21 gq 7,723
22 ua 6,761
23 ca 5,661
24 es 5,463
25 eu 5,104
26 bar 4,983
27 ir 4,793
28 cz 4,490
29 biz 4,336
30 se 4,188

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