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Recommended Actions

  • Edit the title tag, ensure it contains 1-12 words, and with 10-70 characters.
  • Set meta keywords.
  • Write more in-depth content on the topics of your page.
  • Create a XML sitemap for your site.
  • Add in more high quality text content and make the text to code ration to be within 15%-70%.
  • Use url rewrite techniques to create short, relevant and easy to remember urls.
  • Reduce number of links to other pages.
  • Implement HTTP compression for your site.
  • Implement browser caching for your site.
  • Reduce the length of the meta description and ensure it only contains 70 to 160 characters.
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Αγγελίες Ακινήτων - Αγγελίες Σπιτιών |

Words count: 3    Unique Words: 3    Length: 83 characters
[ To optimize the page title, Use this SEO Title Optimizer ]

The title is too long! It has more than 70 characters.

The title will be displayed in search engine results in the form of a direct link to the site.

1. ideally, the title should contain 10 to 70 characters, including spaces. (Google displays up to 70 characters in the title, and takes into account only the first 12 words.)
2. put the most important and relevant keywords in the title, try not to repeat any word.
3. each individual page should have a unique title.

Αναζητήστε αγγελίες ακινήτων, σπιτιών, οικοπέδων & επαγγελματιών χώρων σε όλη την Ελλάδα από μεσιτικά γραφεία, κατασκευαστές και ιδιώτες στο

Words count: 2    Length: 273 characters
[ To optimize the page description, Use this SEO Meta Description Optimizer ]

The description is too long! It has more than 160 characters

Meta Descriptions provide concise explanations of the contents of web pages, that are commonly used by search engines on search result pages to display preview snippets for a given page.

1. it is best to keep meta descriptions between 70-160 characters.
2. a readable, compelling description using important keywords can draw a much higher click-through rate of searchers to the given web page.
3. avoid keyword stuffing, ensure each page has its own unique description.
Google SERP Preview

Αγγελίες Ακινήτων - Αγγελίες ...
Αναζητήστε αγγελίες ακινήτων, σπιτιών, οικοπέδων & επαγγελματιών χώρων σε όλη την ...

[ To optimize this Google SERP preview, Use this Google SERP Optimizer ]

This is how your site looks like in Google Search Result Page.

an optimized SERP snippet will have a higher click through rate.

1. make sure the title is clear, simple, straight to the point.
2. make sure the description is relevant and properly summarized the page content.

Words count: 0    Length: 0 characters    keyword phrases count : 0

Meta Keywords is not set.
[ To optimize the meta keywords, Use this SEO Meta Keywords Optimizer ]

Meta keywords should not be ignored, though they are not a major ranking factor for most of search engines nowadays. A Meta keywords tag is supposed to be a brief and concise list of the most important themes of your page

1. keep your list of keywords or keyword phrases down to 10 - 20 unique words or phrases.
2. separate the words or phrases using a comma (you do not need to leave a space between words separated by commas).
3. do not repeat words or phrases.
4. put your most important word or phrases at the beginning of your list.
Keywords Cloud

This keywords cloud gives your an idea of what are those important keywords appears in your website.

agency  alerts  amp  blog  check  cityhabitat  com  copy  copyright  development  emails  english  estate  euro  holidayrent  homegreekhome  http  king  login  menu  mobile  myspitogatos  newsblog  nikos  olympus  plasis  properties  real  reserved  rights  sepentzis  service  show  spiti  spitogatos  studio  tzikas  vhd  view  www 

Top 20 Keywords

Total Terms Count: 180

It is nice! the word density is quite ok.

Top 20 terms occurance and density
KeywordIn DomainIn TitleIn DescriptionIn Heading In Body Density
spitogatos 18 10.00%
euro 10 5.56%
myspitogatos 9 5.00%
real 5 2.78%
studio 5 2.78%
estate 5 2.78%
emails 4 2.22%
blog 4 2.22%
service 3 1.67%
http 3 1.67%
show 3 1.67%
alerts 3 1.67%
www 3 1.67%
holidayrent 2 1.11%
mobile 2 1.11%
king 2 1.11%
properties 2 1.11%
sepentzis 2 1.11%
nikos 2 1.11%
cityhabitat 2 1.11%

keyword density can be used as a factor in determining whether a web page is relevant to a specified keyword or keyword phrase.

1. the optimum keyword density to be 1.0% - 3.0%. Using a keyword more than that could be considered search spam.
2. overuse of keywords, a practice called keyword stuffing, will cause a web page to be penalized.


Excellent! The page is using HTML headings (<H1> - <H6>) and inline emphasis tags (<EM><B><I><EM><STRONG>)


Βρες εύκολα το επόμενο ακίνητό σου


Ο Σπιτόγατος προτείνει
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Ο Σπιτόγατος προτείνει
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Spitogatos με μια ματιά
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Υπηρεσίες για ιδιώτες
Υπηρεσίες για μεσίτες / κατασκευαστές
Διαφημιστικές υπηρεσίες για επαγγελματίες
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Ακίνητα που ξεχωρίζουν
€ 370
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€ 1.500.000
€ 800
€ 75.000
€ 1.100.000
€ 270.000
€ 500.000
€ 1.200.000
€ 150.000
€ 550.000
€ 360.000


Όλες οι αγγελίες ακινήτων της Ελλάδας και της Κύπρου
€ 370
€ 1.000
€ 1.500.000
€ 800
€ 75.000
€ 1.100.000
€ 270.000
€ 500.000
€ 1.200.000
€ 150.000
€ 550.000
€ 360.000
Επαγγελματίες που ξεχωρίζουν
Κατοικίες Πώληση Ενοικίαση
Κατοικίες Πώληση Ενοικίαση
Κατοικίες Πώληση Ενοικίαση
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Αγωνία για δικαιούχους του ΟΕΚ
10 πράγματα που απωθούν υποψήφιους αγοραστές
Η οικογένεια του Spitogatos: 
Μόλις ανέβηκαν: 
Επίλεξε περιοχή μέσω χάρτη:
Ενοικίαση, Διαμέρισμα 90 τ.μ.
Ενοικίαση, Διαμέρισμα 135 τ.μ.
Πώληση, Βίλλα 180 τ.μ.
Ενοικίαση, Διαμέρισμα 75 τ.μ.
Πώληση, Διαμέρισμα 62 τ.μ.
Πώληση, Μεζονέτα 225 τ.μ.
Πώληση, Μονοκατοικία 176 τ.μ.
Πώληση, Βίλλα 400 τ.μ.
Πώληση, Βίλλα 140 τ.μ.
Πώληση, Διαμέρισμα 134 τ.μ.
Πώληση, Διαμέρισμα 135 τ.μ.
Πώληση, Μεζονέτα 216 τ.μ.
Plasis Real Estate + Development
OLYMPUS real estate agency
King's Properties
Plasis Real Estate + Development
OLYMPUS real estate agency
King's Properties
Θεσσαλονίκη - Κέντρο 15.334
Θεσσαλονίκη - Περιφ/κοί δήμοι 17.771
Θεσσαλονίκη - Υπόλ. Νομού 268
Θεσσαλονίκη - Κέντρο 5.214
Θεσσαλονίκη - Περιφ/κοί δήμοι 5.319
Θεσσαλονίκη - Υπόλ. Νομού 31
Κέντρο Αθήνας 11.530
Αθήνα - Βόρεια Προάστια 24.574
Αθήνα - Νότια Προάστια 26.846
Αθήνα - Δυτικά Προάστια 3.950
Αθήνα - Ανατολικά Προάστια 2.770
Πειραιάς 2.905
Προάστια Πειραιά 2.584
Υπόλοιπο Αττικής 3.958
Κέντρο Αθήνας 2.744
Αθήνα - Βόρεια Προάστια 9.506
Αθήνα - Νότια Προάστια 9.226
Αθήνα - Δυτικά Προάστια 697
Αθήνα - Ανατολικά Προάστια 603
Πειραιάς 568
Προάστια Πειραιά 162
Υπόλοιπο Αττικής 1.359
Αιτωλία & Ακαρνανία 232
Αργολίδα 2.537
Αρκαδία 614
Ν. Άρτας 70
Αχαΐα 2.816
Βοιωτία 179
Γρεβενά 12
Ν. Δράμας 28
Δωδεκάνησα 287
Έβρος 896
Εύβοια 714
Ευρυτανία 16
Ζάκυνθος 392
Ηλεία 209
Ημαθία 235
Ν. Ηρακλείου 1.030
Θεσπρωτία 124
Ν. Ιωαννίνων 667
Ν. Καβάλας 1.741
Ν. Καρδίτσας 54
Ν. Καστοριάς 6
Ν. Κέρκυρας 1.439
Ν. Κεφαλονιάς 89
Ν. Κιλκίς 37
Ν. Κοζάνης 46
Κορινθία 1.830
Κυκλάδες 2.996
Λακωνία 248
Ν. Λάρισας 877
Ν. Λασιθίου 444
Ν. Λέσβου 605
Ν. Λευκάδας 162
Μαγνησία 1.622
Μεσσηνία 765
Ν. Ξάνθης 331
Πέλλα 50
Ν. Πιερίας 544
Ν. Πρέβεζας 129
Ν. Ρεθύμνου 435
Ν. Ροδόπης 247
Ν. Σάμου 107
Ν. Σέρρες 204
Ν. Τρικάλων 62
Φθιώτιδα 738
Ν. Φλώρινας 4
Φωκίδα 146
Χαλκιδική 6.862
Ν. Χανίων 1.116
Ν. Χίου 105
Αιτωλία & Ακαρνανία 11
Αργολίδα 586
Αρκαδία 119
Ν. Άρτας 3
Αχαΐα 2.764
Βοιωτία 72
Γρεβενά 2
Ν. Δράμας 6
Δωδεκάνησα 21
Ενοικίαση, Διαμέρισμα 90 τ.μ.
Αρόη (Πάτρα)
Ενοικίαση, Διαμέρισμα 135 τ.μ.
Φλοίσβος (Παλαιό Φάληρο)
Πώληση, Βίλλα 180 τ.μ.
Πολύχρονο (Παλλήνη)
Ενοικίαση, Διαμέρισμα 75 τ.μ.
Παναγίτσα (Παλαιό Φάληρο)
Πώληση, Διαμέρισμα 62 τ.μ.
Τριανδρία (Θεσσαλονίκη)
Πώληση, Μεζονέτα 225 τ.μ.
Ψαρρού (Μύκονος)
Πώληση, Μονοκατοικία 176 τ.μ.
Παράλιο Άστρος (Βόρεια Κυνουρία)
Πώληση, Βίλλα 400 τ.μ.
Κάτω Δάφνη (Ναύπακτος)
Πώληση, Βίλλα 140 τ.μ.
Οία (Σαντορίνη)
Πώληση, Διαμέρισμα 134 τ.μ.
Καλαμαριά (Θεσσαλονίκη - Περιφ/κοί δήμοι)
Πώληση, Διαμέρισμα 135 τ.μ.
Κεφαλληνίων (Άλιμος)
Πώληση, Μεζονέτα 216 τ.μ.
Διόνυσος (Αθήνα - Βόρεια Προάστια)
Αγορά Ακινήτων - Εξωτερικό
Αγορά Ακινήτων - Ελλάδα
Αγορά Ακινήτων - Ελλάδα
Αγορά Ακινήτων - Ελλάδα
Επιλογή Μεσίτη & Διαδικασίες
Τράπεζες & Δάνεια
Τράπεζες & Δάνεια
Τράπεζες & Δάνεια
Συμβουλές - Προτάσεις
Συμβουλές - Προτάσεις
Συμβουλές - Προτάσεις
Blog - Τί κάνει νιάου νιάου στα κεραμίδια
Συνεργαζόμενα websites:
<I> (22)
<STRONG> (1)

HTML headings and emphasis tags are the most basic forms to indicate important content.

1. use your keywords in the headings and make sure the first level heading (<H1>) includes the most important keywords.
2. never duplicate the title tag content in the heading tags.
3. for more effective SEO, use only one <H1> tag per page
Reading Level


The page text content is a bit too simple.

Ensure your page content text can be read and understood by most of your site visitors. not too difficult nor too simple.

1. a score below 30, indicates the text content is too difficult to be read and understood.
2. a sore above 80, may suggest that the site is lack of in-depth and expertise of its topics (low quality content).
3. an optimal reading level score shall be 50-70.


Excellent! the website declared its language in use.

Declare the language in use can help search engine to better understand and rendering your page, especially when special characters are encountered.
Page Encoding

the website does not declare its character encoding.

Declare the character encoding can help search engine to better rendering your page, especially when it comes to
non-asii characters.

Excellent! the website has a shortcut favicon image.


the website does not have a RSS Feed.


Excellent! the website has a Robots.txt file to regulate search engine crawlers access.

Robots.txt file can be used to regulate access of search engine crawlers, properly configured robots.txt file can help
crawlers to better understand your website.

1. grand robots access to those pages you wish them to crawl.
2. restrict access to those pages you do not wish search engines to see and crawl.
XML Sitemap

XML Sitemap is not presented for the site.

Sitemap helps search engine crawler to identify your website pages.

1. ensure all your important pages are listed in the sitemap.
2. ensure to indicate the frequency of change and importance of each url.
3. inform search engines of the location/URL of your sitemap (eg, For Google, you can set the website sitemap location through Google Webmaster management panel).
Loading Time

1.98 seconds - 13.58 Kb/s

Excellent! the loading speed is pretty fast!

Estimated loading time for different internet connections
Optical Fibre
3.84 s 0.03 s 0.03 s 0.01 s 2.15 ms

Site speed is becoming an crucial ranking factor. Slow page loading is one of the biggest complains of web users. If the loading time is too long, you may need to check your server, network, or system codes and structure.

1. ideal loading time is less than 1 seconds, if it take more than 5 seconds to load your site, likely users will run out of patience, so do search engines.
2. improve your SEO by optimizing your website to have a small size and faster responding server.
Total Size

27 Kb (26,884 bytes)

The page is a bit too small, it may not have enough relevant content to rank well!

Page size affects the speed of your website.

1. try to keep you page size between 30K-150K
2. put javascript and style sheet in separate files, and link them to the main page.
3. use optimized images for web and set up your server with gzip for downloading
Text To Code Ratio

Total Size Text Size HTML Code Size Text/HTML Code Ratio
27 Kb (26,884 bytes) 27 Kb (26,537 bytes) 0 Kb (347 bytes) 7,647.55 %

The Text/HTML Code Ratio is a bit too low, you may not have enough content to rank well!

the ratio of text to HTML code should always be above 15% for good SEO gain,
it is below 15% then that means that your website probably needs more text content.

1. a ratio between 25% and 70% is ideal, when it goes beyond than that, the page might run the risk of being considered as spam. As long as the content is relevant and gives essential information, it is a plus point to have more of it.
2. improve your SEO by adding more relevant text to your pages and also increasing your keyword density.

Excellent! No flash component is detected on this page.

Flash content can not be properly indexed by search engines, and normally flash file is large in size, which slow down the loading of your page.

1. avoid flash content whenever possible if you wish to have a fast and SEO friendly website.

Excellent! No frame is detected on this page.

Framesets and individual frames could cause problem for search engine to crawl your pages

1. avoid frames whenever possible.
2. search engines do not like frames.
3. use iframe instead if you really have no choice.
Inline CSS

3 Inline CSS components are detected on this page.

It is a good practice to move inline CSS rules into an external CSS file in order to make your page lighter and increasing the text to code ratio.

1. move inline css rules to external css file.
2. separate style from html.
Nested Table

Excellent! No nested table is detected on this page (nested table : 0, total table : 0)

nested tables could slow down page rendering and lead to bad user experience.

1. avoiding <table> for your page layout.
2. using <div> instead of <table>.
Plain Text Email

Excellent! No Plain Text Email is detected on this page.

Redirect Count

1 redirection was detected for loading this page.


Excellent! HTTPS is used for your page.

WWW Resolve

Excellent! the websites and are resolved to the same url :

Search Engines treat URLs with or without "www" as two different records.

1. edit your .htaccess file and permanently redirect one to the other (eg redirect to
IP Canonicalization

IP address of the site is forwarded to, instead of to its domain name site

URL Rewrite

Non SEO Friendly URLsΑρόη__Πάτρα_-l4009595?ref=homepageFeaturedLDάσιος_Λαζανάς-p9065?ref=homepageFeaturedBPλαιό_Φάληρο_-l3345190?ref=homepageFeaturedLDνο__Παλλήνη_-l3788923?ref=homepageFeaturedLDΣΙΤΙΚΟ_ΚΕΝΤΡΟ-p3688?ref=homepageFeaturedBPλαιό_Φάληρο_-l3371107?ref=homepageFeaturedLDΦΩΤΕΙΝΗ_ΕΡΑΤΩ-p4162?ref=homepageFeaturedBPεσσαλονίκη_-l4281678?ref=homepageFeaturedLDσίτης/ΣΤΕΓΑΣΗ-p8073?ref=homepageFeaturedBPού__Μύκονος_-l4284875?ref=homepageFeaturedLDατομεσίτης/VHD-p1315?ref=homepageFeaturedBPια_Κυνουρία_-l1651890?ref=homepageFeaturedLDαδία_Κατοικία-p4543?ref=homepageFeaturedBPΝαύπακτος_-l4265106?ref=homepageFeaturedLDΣαντορίνη_-l4300587?ref=homepageFeaturedLDατομεσίτης/VHD-p1315?ref=homepageFeaturedBPφ_κοί_δήμοι_-l4273975?ref=homepageFeaturedLDτομεσίτης/Tzikas-p4952?ref=homepageFeaturedBPίων__Άλιμος_-l3791774?ref=homepageFeaturedLDια_Προάστια_-l3738709?ref=homepageFeaturedLDΑΝΟΣ_ΘΕΟΔΩΡΟΣ-p5070?ref=homepageFeaturedBPΟΝΗ_ΕΣΤΙΑ-p5319/?ref=homepageBrandPlusBannerBPΟΝΗ_ΕΣΤΙΑ-p5319/?ref=homepageBrandPlusBannerBPΟΝΗ_ΕΣΤΙΑ-p5319/?ref=homepageBrandPlusBannerBPΟΝΗ_ΕΣΤΙΑ-p5319/?ref=homepageBrandPlusBannerBPντρο_Αθήνας_-l4301023?ref=homepageListNewLDι__Κασσάνδρα_-l4301022?ref=homepageListNewLDΘεσσαλονίκη_-l4301021?ref=homepageListNewLDΘεσσαλονίκη_-l4301018?ref=homepageListNewLDΘεσσαλονίκη_-l4301019?ref=homepageListNewLDΘεσσαλονίκη_-l4301020?ref=homepageListNewLDΘεσσαλονίκη_-l4301015?ref=homepageListNewLDρο__Χαλάνδρι_-l4301016?ref=homepageListNewLDΘεσσαλονίκη_-l4301017?ref=homepageListNewLDΘεσσαλονίκη_-l4301012?ref=homepageListNewLD

You may use url rewrite techniques to make these 101 urls to be SEO friendly.

clean, short and relevant URLs are favoured by users and search engines

1. use url rewrite to turn dynamic pages with query parameters into seo friendly static pages.
2. put your important keywords in the url.
3. good urls are not only user friendly but also seo friendly.
Underscore In URL

URLs with underscoreάς-p9065?ref=homepageFeaturedBPΡΟ-p3688?ref=homepageFeaturedBPΤΩ-p4162?ref=homepageFeaturedBPία-p4543?ref=homepageFeaturedBPΟΣ-p5070?ref=homepageFeaturedBPς_-l4301023?ref=homepageListNewLDα_-l4301022?ref=homepageListNewLDη_-l4301021?ref=homepageListNewLDη_-l4301018?ref=homepageListNewLDη_-l4301019?ref=homepageListNewLDη_-l4301020?ref=homepageListNewLDη_-l4301015?ref=homepageListNewLDι_-l4301016?ref=homepageListNewLDη_-l4301017?ref=homepageListNewLDη_-l4301012?ref=homepageListNewLDάνδρι_-l1413456?ref=infobarLDονίκη_-l2873318?ref=infobarLDονίκη_-l3767859?ref=infobarLDμαριά_-l1235063?ref=infobarLDονίκη_-l1236064?ref=infobarLDντίνα_-l1236141?ref=infobarLDονίκη_-l1269093?ref=infobarLDμαριά_-l1407073?ref=infobarLDηλιές_-l1898129?ref=infobarLDΒόλος_-l1898891?ref=infobarLDΒόλος_-l3018672?ref=infobarLDΒόλος_-l3060841?ref=infobarLDμαριά_-l3239230?ref=infobarLDονίκη_-l3429191?ref=infobarLD

You have 102 Urls with underscore.

Search Engines treat hyphen as word separator, they do not treat underscore as word separator.

1. use hyphen "-" instead of underscore "_" to optimize your page url.
2. help search engines to better understand your url, eventually will benefit your page`s ranking.

Internal Links
(link to pages within this domain)
External Links
(link to pages on other websites)
431 18 449

Too many links (449), it may be considered as spam!

Internal Links (link to pages within this domain) - 431
URL Anchor TextΓια επαγγελματί...ΕίσοδοςΕγγραφήΚαταχώρηση Αγγε...ΠωλήσειςΕνοικιάσειςΑκίνητα εξωτερι...Φοιτητικά σπίτι...Πωλήσεις Κατοικ...Πωλήσεις Επαγγε...Πωλήσεις ΓηςΠωλήσεις Νεόδμη...Ενοικιάσεις Κατ...Ενοικιάσεις Επα...Ενοικιάσεις ΓηςΕνοικιάσεις Νεό...Κύπρος
http://international.spitogatos.grΕυρώπη και Αμερι...ΜετακόμισηΦωτοβολταϊκάΑνακαινίσεις / Τ...ΑνάθεσηΖήτησηΒρες ΜεσίτηΠίσωΕπιλογή όλωνΒρες τώραΑναζήτηση με χάρ...Ενοικίαση, Διαμέ...άς-p9065?ref=homepageFeaturedBPΑναστάσιος Λαζα...Ενοικίαση, Διαμέ... - NIKOS SEPENTZISΠώληση, Βίλλα 180 ...ΡΟ-p3688?ref=homepageFeaturedBPΜΕΣΙΤΙΚΟ ΚΕΝΤΡΟΕνοικίαση, Διαμέ...ΤΩ-p4162?ref=homepageFeaturedBPΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ...Πώληση, Διαμέρισ...ΣΗ-p8073?ref=homepageFeaturedBPΣΤΕΓΑΣΗΠώληση, Μεζονέτα...Πώληση, Μονοκατο...ία-p4543?ref=homepageFeaturedBPΑρκαδία-Κατοικί...Πώληση, Βίλλα 400 ... REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONA...Πώληση, Βίλλα 140 ...Πώληση, Διαμέρισ...Πώληση, Διαμέρισ... - NIKOS SEPENTZISΠώληση, Μεζονέτα...ΟΣ-p5070?ref=homepageFeaturedBPΘΑΝΟΣ ΘΕΟΔΩΡΟΣ Real Estate + Developme... προτάσεις για... real estate agency προτάσεις για ...'s Properties προτάσεις για...ΣΥΓΧΡΟΝΗ ΕΣΤΙΑ προτάσεις για... Real Estate + Developme... προτάσεις για... real estate agency προτάσεις για ...'s Properties προτάσεις για...ΣΥΓΧΡΟΝΗ ΕΣΤΙΑ προτάσεις για...Νέες αγγελίεςΑθήναΘεσσαλονίκηΥπόλοιπη Ελλάδας_-l4301023?ref=homepageListNewLDΜετς - Καλλιμάρμ...α_-l4301022?ref=homepageListNewLDΚασσάνδρα (Χαλκι...η_-l4301021?ref=homepageListNewLDΚάτω Τούμπα (Θεσ...η_-l4301018?ref=homepageListNewLDΜπότσαρη (Θεσσαλ...η_-l4301019?ref=homepageListNewLDΚάτω Τούμπα (Θεσ...η_-l4301020?ref=homepageListNewLDΦάληρο (Θεσσαλον...η_-l4301015?ref=homepageListNewLDΜπότσαρη (Θεσσαλ...ι_-l4301016?ref=homepageListNewLDΧαλάνδρι (Αθήνα -...η_-l4301017?ref=homepageListNewLDΜπότσαρη (Θεσσαλ...η_-l4301012?ref=homepageListNewLDΦάληρο (Θεσσαλον...ΠώλησηΕνοικίασηΘεσσαλονίκη - Κέ...Κέντρο (3.047)Κάτω Τούμπα (1.708)Άνω Τούμπα (1.077)Θεσσαλονίκη - Πε...Καλαμαριά (4.193)Πυλαία (2.044)Θέρμη (1.825)Θεσσαλονίκη - Υπ...Άγιος Γεώργιος (1...Λαγκαδάς (80)Χαλκηδόνα (8)Θεσσαλονίκη - Κέ...

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URL Anchor TextΘέσεις Εργασίας 

reasonable number of links (below 100) per page will give a better user experience.

1. keep the number of links per page below 100.
2. having more than 100 links in a single page will lead to a bad user experience, and it possibly runs into the risk of been considered as spam.
3. search engines may not follow all the links if you have too many of them in a single page.

Total Images Alt Present Alt Missing
68 34 34

34 images do not have Alt values.

Image URL - 68
URL ALT Text logo logoΕνοικίαση, Διαμέ...Αναστάσιος Λαζα...Ενοικίαση, Διαμέ... - NIKOS SEPENTZISΠώληση, Βίλλα, Πο...ΜΕΣΙΤΙΚΟ ΚΕΝΤΡΟΕνοικίαση, Διαμέ...ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ...Πώληση, Διαμέρισ...ΣΤΕΓΑΣΗΠώληση, Μεζονέτα...Πώληση, Μονοκατο...Αρκαδία-Κατοικί...Πώληση, Βίλλα, Κά... REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONA...Πώληση, Βίλλα, Οί...Πώληση, Διαμέρισ...Πώληση, Διαμέρισ... - NIKOS SEPENTZISΠώληση, Μεζονέτα...ΘΑΝΟΣ ΘΕΟΔΩΡΟΣ Real Estate + Developme... real estate agency's PropertiesΣΥΓΧΡΟΝΗ ΕΣΤΙΑ Real Estate + Developme... real estate agency's PropertiesΣΥΓΧΡΟΝΗ ΕΣΤΙΑ

search engines cannot `see` images, proper Alt content will help them to better understand and index images.

1. always add alt attributes to images. Alt is mandatory for accessibility and for valid XHTML.
2. words used within an image`s Alt attribute should be its text equivalent and convey the same information.
3. use a human-readable caption and descriptive text around the image.

Style Block In Same Page Links to External Style Files Total
1 4 5

Too many (4) external style sheet files , it will slow down the downloading.

Links To External Stylesheet Files - 4
Stylesheet URL rel type,400,300,600,700,800&subset=latin,greek-ext,greekstylesheettext/css


Scripts Block In Same Page Links to External Script Files Total
13 6 19

Too many (6) external scripts files , it will slow down the downlaoding.

Links To External Script Files - 6
Script URL Type,homepage2_scripts&20160316text/javascript

put scripts together and link them from an external files rather then put them in the same file as the main page.

1. reduce the use of in-page scripts, put them in separate files and link them in.
2. reduce the number of external script files, it will help browser to make lesser number of http requests from the server.
3. optimize or compress the script files to have smaller size and faster loading.
Blog Or News Release

Link to Blog / News Release PageΝέα του Σπιτόγατ...

Excellent! we have found blog linked to your site.

Having a blog is a great way to provide fresh content and retain users, search engines favour it too.

1. regularly update your blog and provide fresh and quality content.
2. relevant blogs of your website topics, generate more credits in the eyes of your visitors, as well as search engines.
DMOZ Listing


Excellent! the website is listed in the DMOZ open directory. DMOZ Open Directory Project

Google Analytics


Excellent! the website implements Google Analytics.

Google Page Rank


Excellent! the website has a high page rank (5/10).


0 - 1 2 - 3 4 - 10
Poor Good Excellent
Social Engagement

Your site has an excellent social media engagement!

  Facebook Likes 185
  Facebook Shares 344
  Facebook Comments 142
  Tweets 0
  LinkedIn 18

Social Media Integration

Excellent! your site is well integrated with social media networks.

Facebook Page...ttp://
Twitter Account
Google+ PageNot Found



Excellent! the website has a good Trustworthiness Score (81/100).


0 - 19 20 - 39 40 - 59 60 - 79 80 - 100
Very Poor Poor Unsatisfactory Good Excellent

Users are concerned about the safety of their online transactions. Trustworthiness rating is based on real user ratings and that tells you how much other users trust this site, so do the serch engines. note: this trustworthiness score is provided by WOT (Web of Trust).

1. pay attention to the look and design of your site, many people look for visual cues when assessing a site`s credibility
2. make your site easy to use, sites that are easy to navigate are perceived as being more trustworthy.
3. make it easy for user to contact you, users will be more comfortable and feel more secured shall they need to get in touch with you.
Child Safe


Excellent! the website has a good Child Safe Score (91/100).


0 - 19 20 - 39 40 - 59 60 - 79 80 - 100
Very Poor Poor Unsatisfactory Good Excellent

Safe Browsing

Safe! the site is NOT currently listed as suspicious, most-likely it is clean from malware and phining code [ verify this by Google Safe Browsing ]

Ensure that your site is malware free and does not cause harm to users` computers.

1. do not put virus, malicious worms, adwares, trojans, spywares and suspicious phishing code in your server.
2. take suspicious behaviours seriously, have a regular check-up and monitor closely of your server`s log files.
3. if your site is black-listed by Google as suspicious, clean it up before requesting for a review.
Traffic Rank

21,058th most visited website in the world.
211th most visited website in Greece  

your site has an excellent high traffic rank in the world.
Websites On Same Server

Excellent! You domain is the only one hosted on the server (ip :

Too many domains hosted on the same server is an indicator that you are not really serious about your website, and your site will have a higher chance to be surrounded by bad neighbours.

1. the fewer domains hosted on the same server/ip the better.
2. avoid shared hosting whenever possible, especially when there are already hundreds or thousands of sites are hosted on the same server.
3. dedicated ip or resources for your site not only do good to your site visitors but also favoured by search engines.
Server Location

your server (IP : is located at Ireland  
the most site visitors come from Greece  

your server is located in different place from where most of your site visitors come from.
HTTP Compression


your website server does not support HTTP Compression.



your website server does not support Caching.

Server Signature

Excellent! the website server signature is off.

A secure and safe server is not only good for your site visitors but also good for search engines.

1. server software version information can be utilized by malicious visitors to attack your server.
2. by turning off the server signature, you actually have made your server a little bit more secure.
3. for Apache server - edit the apache2.conf or the .htaccess file to turn server signature off.
Domain Info ( 13 characters )

Domain Created On Last Modified On Expires On
unknown unknown unknown
unknown old unknown ago unknown from today
unknown old

Domain is going to expire in less than a year time (unknown from today), try to renew it for more than one year!

domain name choice and domain age are crucial for SEO.

1. keep the domain name short and relevant to the content, which will be easier to be remembered and related to.
2. older domain tends to be more trustworthy.
3. register a domain for more than 1 year, and search engine will think it is a serious business.

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