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  1. Why I can NOT log in?
  2. Why do I need to login to view a SEO report?
  3. Do You Accept Sponsored Post/Guest Post/Blog/Article/Essay/Post?
  4. Can You Please Help To Remove/Add/Updte A Backlink From One Of the Page?

1. Why I can NOT log in?   ^ top

Ensure that your account is activated before using your email and password to sign in.

Remember to check your email inbox after registering an account, an email is sent to you, inside that email there is a link to activate your account.

If you did not receive any email after signing up an account, please use this form to request for a re-send :

If you have forgotten the password, use this form to reset the password :

2. Why do I need to login to view a SEO report?   ^ top

The main reason is because of spam and abuse.

We use to give everyone free access to generate SEO report (no signing in is required), this has been abused until our server can not handle, so from now on you will need to sign in to generate and view a SEO report.

If the report is recently generated and in our cache, you can view it without signing in.

However, if the report is not in our cache, you will need to login to generate the report and view it.

Generally No, However, if you believe your article is realted to search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine marketing (SEM), you may send us a draft or sample for review, we may consider to post it, however there is no guarantee or promise.

Basically we do not do manual update.

As we are processing hundreds of thousands pages per day, that is nearly imposible to manually update pages. They are all done automatically by the system program, if you need to update a link or page, just do it on your own site, the system will capture the changes the next time when it is scheduled to crawl your site, it just take some time for it to happen.


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