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1. SEOCert New Features. -28 Mar 16   ^ top

With intensive development over the past few weeks, new features are introduced here at

More friendly and detailed SEO review report.
- You can filter items and only see those interested groups.
- A printer friendly version of the report, you can choose to export or email to yourself shall you need a soft copy.
- About 50 ranking factors are included in the report, and more are to come.
- Analyze any URLs, not just for the website homepage, but any internal pages could be analyzed and reports will be generated.

Side by side compare
- You can compare your own page with your competitor's page side by side.
- You can compare your webpage with the top ranked page side by side.
This feature make it much more easier for you to identify where are the differences between your page and the reference page, and what are the improvements that you could make, and what are the ranking factors that you are doing better than the counterpart or lacking behind.

Leave your comments and let us know your thoughts.

2. beta is online!. -31 Dec 11   ^ top beta is online!

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