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Latest News

  1. Domain Name Whois Look Up Tool -24 May 20
  2. Website or Text Language Detector -22 Apr 20
  3. XML Sitemap Generator -03 Dec 19
  4. Meta Tag Optimization Tool Improved -10 Nov 18
  5. Mobile Friendly Responsive Site -01 Nov 18
  6. Native Website Directory Launched! -15 Oct 18
  7. SEOCert New Features -28 Mar 16
  8. beta is online! -31 Dec 11

1. Domain Name Whois Look Up Tool. -24 May 20   ^ top

A domain name whois look-up tool is online now.

It can be used to check the domain whois info. When a domain is created, last updated and when will it expire.

It also provide info about the DNS server location.

Additional info, such as recent expired domains, domains is expiring very soon, top domain registrars, most popular domain extensions, are also provided together with the tool.

2. Website or Text Language Detector. -22 Apr 20   ^ top

Enter some text or a website URL, this tool will analyze the content and tell you what the language used in the content and how likely it is.

A language detection tool is just released, give it a try.

3. XML Sitemap Generator. -03 Dec 19   ^ top

A new online tool to generate sitemaps for websites.

Just enter an URL and you will get a sitemap in xml format. The sitemap generator will automatically analyze your site and find out the most important pages of your site, and set the change frequency and priority accordingly.

Remember to download the sitemap file and upload it to the root directory of your site.

4. Meta Tag Optimization Tool Improved. -10 Nov 18   ^ top

The Meta Tag Optimization Tool is improved.
It supports languages other than English, such as Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Arabic etc.
It detects keywords that occur in page content as well.

Give it a try and let us know what do you think.

5. Mobile Friendly Responsive Site. -01 Nov 18   ^ top

A major UI update has been made and is now mobile friendly, it automatically adapts to your browser and screen size.

Mobile friendly is quite important for the success of your SEO, Google has long been taken this
as a ranking factor. If you wish to test your own page, following is an online tool to do so.

6. Native Website Directory Launched!. -15 Oct 18   ^ top

SEOCert released its native website directory today!

The directory is generated based on analysis of millions websites that have the most backlinks according to our in house data. Most likely these are the high quality sites not only liked by search engines but also liked by their users.

Similar websites are grouped together according to the most closely related topics, and we have more than 1000 topics at the moment, more topics may be added in the future.

If you wish to have your sites listed in the directory, run the SEO report, if the quality reaches certain level, it will be included in our directory automatically. Or you may place your site as a directory topic sponsor by purchasing a space at the right hand side of that topic.

7. SEOCert New Features. -28 Mar 16   ^ top

With intensive development over the past few weeks, new features are introduced here at

More friendly and detailed SEO review report.
- You can filter items and only see those interested groups.
- A printer friendly version of the report, you can choose to export or email to yourself shall you need a soft copy.
- About 50 ranking factors are included in the report, and more are to come.
- Analyze any URLs, not just for the website homepage, but any internal pages could be analyzed and reports will be generated.

Side by side compare
- You can compare your own page with your competitor's page side by side.
- You can compare your webpage with the top ranked page side by side.
This feature make it much more easier for you to identify where are the differences between your page and the reference page, and what are the improvements that you could make, and what are the ranking factors that you are doing better than the counterpart or lacking behind.

Leave your comments and let us know your thoughts.

8. beta is online!. -31 Dec 11   ^ top beta is online!

get the tools that you need for your online SEO success.

help to build up an exciting SEO community.

learn the latest tactics for ranking your website on top of search engines.


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